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Mr. Handy Providing Excellent And Wide Range Electric Services

Whether it’s electrical wiring services or electrical maintenance services, when it comes to anything electrical – it’s best to attempt any Mr. Handy Electric Service you might have read or heard of.

The Best Electric Service.

We are CBTI certified by Govt. for excellence.

The Certified Company

We are CBTI certified by Govt. for excellence.

  • Our main core values and commitment safety
  • We Provide Electricity Commercial and Manufacturing Sectors
  • We are helping to Education and Health Care.
  • Electricity benefits us in ways we can’t even count.

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We Commit For The Health Safety, Environment And People

The most “common” type of electricians, these electricians work to install and maintain anything from lights to a complete wiring system of our home. Depending on experience, a residential electrician may instruct a team of workers and plan and draw electrical projects.


Industrial Electrician

An industrial electrician works in giant power plants

Auto Electrician

work with all types electrical vehicles.

Highway Electrician

electricians install, repair & maintain system.

Best Electric Service In Our City.

Get Amazing Electric Service By Mr. Handy
Just By Following Steps

Safety first
repair work using safety tools.
Use electronics
how you're using electronics.
Outlets and wires
Treat your plugs kindly.
Professional check ups
emergency is the best defense.